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Get your business back up and running safely.

Thermal Camera

Get your business back up and running safely

ATI install state-of-the-art body temperature screening solutions, comprehensive queue management systems and people counting camera stations.

Smart technology – helping you make more informed decisions.

Body temperature screening is designed to keep anyone with a temperature and possible fever from entering a building and potentially passing on infection.

Thermal Image

Protecting yourself and others using AI face detection.

Temperature screening and thermal solution products utilise the latest AI face detection technology, providing maximum accuracy with minimum effort.

Prevent the spread of infection by controlling the numbers.

People counting cameras offer a solution to containing the numbers in a building or area by managing the amount of people allowed to enter at one time, designed to stop overcrowding.


ATI are committed to helping businesses get back to doing what they do best, whilst keeping the public safe.

For more information about intelligent camera systems and how ATI can help your business get back up and running, please get in touch.

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